I am an English and Creative Writing student in Britain, and this is my personal, and creative blog. I try to post regularly, but life sometimes gets in the way. If you are a fan of social justice, poetry, prose, or just personal rambles, you are in the right place.


Who knows exactly what you’re supposed to put on the home page of a blog that isn’t a blog. Social media links? Nope. They’re in the footer. Email? Nope, header. Who you are? That would imply that know who I am.

I’ll give the latter my best shot, though.

So hi, I’m Millie.

I’ve had this blog since September 2018 – just before I moved away for university. It was supposed to be epic and great and full of poetry and prose, and social justice essays. So far, there’s been one half-assed attempt at the social justice side, and everything else I’ve posted has been the equivalent to a teenage girl’s vlog channel. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it is not at all what I wanted for this site. Additionally, my posts have had no real plan or schedule. From here on out (and that is April 2019, for those of you reading this in the future. Wait. Does that mean I’m time travelling right now? Or at least my voice is? Spooky.) I promise to the few of you who loyally check this place (hi, Carrie. Hi, Mum) that I will be better.

Now, an actual introduction.

I am a 19 year old English student who hopes to maybe, some day, one day, be a writer. However, that involves a lot of practice and a lot of skill – which is where this comes in, I suppose. I have very strong opinions re: feminism, politics, the environment, LGBT rights, equality in general, marvel, sci-fi, and teenage mutant ninja turtles.

So I think that’s probably a good enough summary for me.

I hope you stick around.

I hope I stick around, actually.

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